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Listed below are some common questions about Ko-nekt

We will update this section from time to time so please, if you have any questions that you don’t see answered below, then pease get in touch with us. We will be delighted to help you with any queries you might have about our service.

You will need to pre-register with our service before you can book time in any of our sessions. This is done by contacting our centres direct, calling or emailing. Where one of our team members will be more than happy to talk through the process with you. Once you are registered with us you will be able to access our secure booking app and make booking 24/7.

Once you have booked your space on your secure app, you can pay online, ask to be billed monthly or pre load your online account with monthly top ups and each time you book it will be automatically paid.

We take private funded places, SDS (self direct support payments) University childcare support payments, childcare vouchers, etc, please enquire for further information.

No formal diagnosis is required to access our services, however the centre is mainly accesses by children and young people with additional support needs. Which we consider as ‘any child who requires additional support to that which is offered else where.

We offer one-to-one support through Ayrshire Childrens Services which can support transition into our centres, or can continue to support 1:1 at all times, whilst accessing KO-NEKT.

We run small focused groups therefore spaces are limited and pre booking is advisable. We also ensure the match of children who attend at anyone time is conducive to helping each child have the best possible experience when they attend KO-NEKT.

SDS is a budget for your child which allows you to tailor services around their needs. You need to contact your local Social Services to access SDS.